Friday, July 18, 2014

Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning.

                     Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning

Zoning is a great solution for homes or businesses looking to have more even air temperatures between rooms or levels of the building. The term zoned heating and cooling can be used to describe a building with multiple heaters and air conditioners in the building. Zoning can also be accomplished  using  dampers, ductwork and controls to separate different temperature zones with one system. According to the department of energy zoning can also help you  save money on your heating and air conditioning  bills. This  type of system is a great option for people looking for furnace and air conditioner replacement in Springfield Missouri and the surrounding area due to the fact that we have such drastic temperature differences between winter and summer.

With a zoned heating and air conditioning system each zone would have separate ductwork ran to it. Motorized dampers would be mounted in the main trunk lines serving each zone. These dampers would be controlled by a separate thermostat mounted in each zone. Each zone can be set to a different temperature or all to the same temperature. If only one zone is calling for heating or air conditioning the damper feeding air to that zone would open and all others would close, the heater or air conditioner would come on, supplying air to only the area requiring heating  or air conditioning without over heating and cooling the other parts of the home or business. If more or all zones require heating or air conditioning the other dampers would simply open and supply air to those areas as well. When calling for furnace or air conditioner repair in Springfield Missouri be sure to ask about zoning.