Monday, March 6, 2017

I'm selling my home should I replace my air conditioner and heater?

Many people looking to sell their homes and get the best price for it start thinking about what should be updated. There are many advantages to replacing your old heating and air conditioning system with a new one before putting your house on the market. The average life of a heating and cooling system is 15 years. Many people looking to buy a home know the heating and air conditioning system is one of the more costly items in the home to replace and they will use that as a negotiation tactic to get the buyer to drop the price. If you chose the system you can control the cost of it and take away a tool from the buyer to try and get you to drop the price. Most heating and air conditioning warranties are also transferable to the new owner for a small fee. Energy efficiency is on many people’s minds today in Springfield Missouri and across America. When you install an energy star rated heating and air conditioning system in your home that is a great buzz word to include in the listing description to attract a potential buyer.  When you install a system with a reputation for quality such as a Trane heating and air conditioning system you can help instill that your home has been cared for with quality in mind. Before you put your house up for sale with an old furnace, air conditioner or heat pump it may be wise to check into getting it updated.

Jeremy Grisham 
S S & B Heating and Cooling
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Springfield, Missouri