Thursday, August 20, 2015

Building a new home?

 When it comes to deciding on how to heat and cool a new home there are numerous options and many things to consider.
  Are you going to heat with gas or electric?
  Heat pump or air conditioner?
  Do I need zoning?
  What type of air filtration?
  What size equipment do I need.
  These and many other questions are why you should work hand in hand with  professional heating and cooling specialist who will take the time to address all of your wants and needs.
A professional will ask all of these questions, run a load calculation on the home and help design the perfect system to fit each lifestyle.
  You will be using you heating and cooling system every day for many years and you should enjoy every minute of it.

S S & B Heating and Cooling
Springfield, Missouri.
Mike Childers


  1. When it comes to choosing the right cooling system, we always try to go for best efficient product be it in terms of power consumption, cost, cooling capacity etc. I always say if you are looking to buy a new air conditioner do look for features such as sleep settings, filter alerts, remote controls, energy-saving options, timers and noise insulation as room air conditioners which match Btu requirements to room size are best because the rooms won't cool efficiently if the Btu rating is too low or too high for the size of the room.
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  5. How To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter Weather By Sam Braidley
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